Monday, September 22, 2014


PHILIPSBURG:--- Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says he has taken note of the discussions in the Central Committee meeting of Friday, September 19 with respect to budget amendments.
"As the Minister of 'Back to Basics,' and as an elected representative of the people, my slogan for the new parliamentary year in parliament is going to be, 'Raise the bar, take our Country to the next level.'
"Traveling to Parlatino meetings needs to be prioritized. Those funds that are saved should go to employ legal assistants who can help draft laws for parliamentarians.
"I was amazed by the low level performance of some during the past Parliamentary year which spent so much time playing dangerous games and petty politics, and trying to fire me rather than passing laws and legislation for the people.
"Precious parliamentary time was spent trying to embarrass me instead of spending time dealing with the people's business. Focusing on the people's issues that impact them in their daily lives, is the type of representation that the people want. That's why you have those that have not been re-elected by the people, because they were not happy with their performance
"It seems now that there is a movement to try and nullify the Vorst agreement and hold me accountable, but I did it from a good heart for the people of this country. To provide employment for the unemployed, and to provide housing for our professionals, seniors and others who need homes.
"I am ready to defend my case. There are those who went out and changed the price for the Emilio Wilson Estate without the approval of the Council of Ministers. It seems that things are handled differently for different people. We need to be open and transparent with the people's business," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The students in the photos above are well behaved- most of them are. But there is a growing danger in schools with fighting, the use of weapons and gang activity. First of all the police and the government cannot ask the question WHY there is an increase in violence and gang activity at the schools. These children are literate, they have TV’s and Smartphone devices. They see our government and police in handcuff being led in and out of courthouse and jail. They know that the adults in their lives such as their parents and teachers are preaching to them that crime doesn’t pay. But when they leave school, all they see is well dressed criminals, driving around in their 3-4 SUV’s.
I often take photos at the schools, because the students love to scream at me like the ones above “Paparazzi, take my picture- and make sure I look good”. I also take photos when the police are called to the schools because of fighting and unrest- I will upload those photos and videos later on.
I myself have discovered butcher knives, hidden under boxes closed to the school. When I asked one student about it, he shrugged and noncholantly told me, that ‘somebody put it there for a fight’.
When you see the photos of the police trying to quell fights and violence at the schools- just look at the expressions on their faces.
They would rather be quelling prison riots, because the children are more likely MORE armed than any prisoner, and they know that one wrong move, and they’ll be on Youtube forever- dropping licks on a child, and being called a child abuser.
The police don’t like dealing with these kids, because they have to be very careful- considering that they’re minors- who might be armed.
They have to deal with them at times in a certain way, and they have to be very careful when handling these kids, because their career can be destroyed.
Half of the kids in highschool are bigger than the police. I’ve seen female students who are bigger than adult male officers.
The violence, criminal activities and fights will continue, and will get worst- because the adults and leaders in society- are involved in violence, criminal activities and fights.
It’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do..” but what do you expect?
Which leader is going to go to the schools and lecture these kids on how to walk the ‘straight and narrow’?
Louie Laveist? He’s a convicted felon, who’s been imprison, and still continues with illicit activities.
Theo Heyliger? Nope, he’s too busy in court fighting criminal charges.
William Marlin? Nope, he’s too busy in his own illicit activities- and his son is one of the biggest thugs in St Maarten.
Romain Laville? Nope, he’s too busy pulling guns on members of Parliament.
Patrick lllidge? Nah, he’s on his way to prison because he took bribes from a brothel owner.
Dennis Richardson? Nah, he’s supposed to be busy impregnating and marrying hookers.
Chief  of Police de Witte? Nope, he’s too busy breeding off young hookers, and getting their ‘dutch rights’ for them.
Christopher Emmanuel? Christopher Emmanuel proves that crime DOES pay-
I could go on and on……… name one person in leadership, who could be a good role model for your child?
Be careful in believing that the women in government would do a good job, there are TOO MANY, USED MATTRESSES in government.
Women who stay on their backs, to get to the top.
They are less honest with themselves, than the brothel-prostitutes.
There are few women in government that I would consider ‘acceptable’ to be a role model.
In St Maarten, young women are being led to believe that they will get anything by spreading their legs- and they learn in from certain women in government.
People defend the high-classed prostitutes in government- because SEX at least got them somewhere.
Many women in government, don’t like me, because I don’t kowtow or kiss their ass.
Why should I? Their brains did not earn the ANYTHING—-
Their Va-jay-jay did!!!
But what is done in darkness- will come out to light.
There is nothing more desperate, and thirsty in the St Maarten government-
than these used up old whores….. and they are male AND female.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yesterday, prison guards met at their local union the WICSU's office to voice their grievances concerning their safety at their place of employment, the Point Blanche prison.
Thursday afternoon inmate Carlos Richardson, also known as "The Hitman" of the Bling Bling gang attempted to kill fellow inmate Nuto who is the alleged leader of the Curacao based gang "No Limit Soldiers".
Nuto, who is serving an 8 year sentence for drug possession among other charges, were saved by his prison 'bodyguards', who managed to thwart the attack and get the weapon away from Richardson.
Richardson was promptly set upon with a hand made machete and received several severe lacerations to the head, back and face.
Carlos Richardson was taken to the St Maarten Medical Center, where he remains in their Intensive Care Unit.
The police department were called in to assist in quelling the violence, and in a cell to cell search, more weapons and another loaded gun were discovered.
There were direct allegations that the only way that the weapons could have entered the Prison would have been through the guards.
According to sources, the guards who decided to attend the WICSU meeting yesterday, as opposed to returning to work, feel the same way.
The Lands Recherche began an investigation into the number of dangerous weapons confiscated at the Point Blanch facility, and into how the gun was smuggled into the prison.
In his defense, Rohan has claimed that there has been a severe shortage of prison guards at the prison since 2003-2004, and the prison simply does not have the funding to request additional employees from the Netherlands.
They have been relying on a local security company for back-up, but these unarmed guards are untrained and do very little except for replacing the main guards when they call in sick.
Rohan emphasized and seemed to heavily insinuate that the 'sick leaves' that were being taken by the guards was a huge part of the problem at the prison, and that these 'sick leaves' were not being taken by employees who were actually physically sick, just sick of the situation and their work conditions.
The Lands Recherche continue their investigation, as many fear that this has initiated a new chapter in St Maarten gang warfare. This time between the now imprisoned Bling Bling Gang SXM and the No Limit Soldiers of Curacao.
More details to come.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


William Marlin, must be sitting at home with a drink in his hand, right now, wondering 'What if?" William Marlin has a reputation for treating his own party members very shabbily. Bienvenido Richardson, who defected to the UPP, spoke of being spoken to like a dog, by his leader Marlin, before deciding that being in the National Alliance was not worth the abuse. Rudy Engel, defected - whispers of Marlin's arrogance and refusal to listen to any advice. Frans Richardson, who used to be Marlin's #2 defected, and brought along Leona Marlin with him. Patrick Illidge defected, and then combusted when he was caught on camera accepting cash from a brothel owner. This lost, also cost the National Alliance. Jason Peterson and Terry Peterson also defected.
This year, members who chose to remain with the National Alliance, and run on Williams slate, complained bitterly behind the scenes of being forced to finance their own campaigns.
Very popular people, who could have brought the National Alliance vote, but were told that they had to take out a loan, of over 50 thousand, decided against it. One person who was supposed to be on the slate, but could not and would not take out a loan, said that he did not want to go into government as an elected official, owing the banks favors.
At postulation day, and at the Rally's many who once 'followed the white line,' showed up wearing blue or green.
William Marlin alienated his largest sponsors including MacSood and Francesco Corallo. This year Macsood apparently put his money on Rodolphe Samuel, and Corallo put his money on Silvio Matser, both Theo and William lost out on those two mega-donors.
National Alliance agents, online and onland, played a lousy game with the voters, and lost and alienated many voters and loyalists.
Agents, such as Kendall Dupersoy, who was supposed to be bringing in new online voters, spent his time being petty, and spiteful online, doing way more damage than good. Kendall Dupersoy's attacks on Tamara Leonard, who is in the middle of cancer treatment with radiation, also only served to make agents such as Kendall Dupersoy look petty and small.
Onland, many voters were turned off by the abrasive, and some might say downright nastiness of many National Alliance members, who thought that they would cruise to an easy victory, and angered many people left and right.
The National Alliance lost many votes, through stupidity and arrogance-
but then again, that's simply their M.O.